My name is Bill Moore. I founded the EVWorld.com webzine in 1998. I have diligently followed development of the technology ever since.

My first "EV" was an electric bicycle. My first hybrid was a 2000 Honda Insight, production serial number 986. Now I drive a Fiat 500e. We have a Toyota Prius as our 'backup' car, which we seldom drive. The 500e is just too much fun to drive and way cheaper to operate, especially now.

I have driven hybrids, plug-ins, hydrogen fuel cell, and pure battery electric cars from most major OEMs. I have driven them in New York City, Detroit, San Francisco, even Tokyo... and, of course, Omaha. They came from Ford, Chrysler, GM, Tesla, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, BMW.

The most common experience with them all, especially the pure electrics, is the feeling of sheer joy. You just cannot repress the smile that spreads over your face. It's a universal response. It's commonly referred to as the "EV smile" and it pretty much effects just about everyone the first time they drive an electric car.

That's why I decided to create S*ELECTRIC: to give more people the opportunity to experience that 'smile.' EV owners like me can make our vehicles available for short-term loans (a few hours, a day, a week) to folks who have never driven an EV and either out of interest or necessity need a car, one that is cheap to operature and really fun to drive. It's a unique carshare program devoted to exclusively featuring electric drive vehicles: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and especially pure electric.

You can learn more about the costs and benefits using the links to the right.