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Introducing the EV 'Usership' Experience

You really want to try out an electric car, but don't want to tie yourself to a long-term financial commitment. Now you can drive one of three different models of electric cars on a month-by-month basis that we call the "usership" experience.

Our monthly subscription plan frees you from the hassles of "ownership."

  • Savings

    Depending on local electric utility rates, the average 30 mile commute can cost only 77-82¢ a day. […]

  • Transformative

    Until you actually drive an electric car it's hard to convey how transformative they are. […]

  • Convenience

    Using the standard 110V electric outlet these EVS can be fully charged overnight. […]

  • Hassle-free

    No more gas station stops, oil changes, brake pads, engine tune-ups. […]

Your Choice: A Trio of S•ELECTRIC Subscription Electric Cars

Ideal for day-to-day urban commuting for just pennies per mile

Nissan LEAF

Long the most popular EV in the world, this 4-door sedan offers 80-100 miles range + DC Fast Charging.

BMW i3 Rex

Innovation from leading Germany car maker sports onboard generator offering 150 miles range.

Fiat 500e

Quick, nimble 2+ seating with 0-60 performance in 8.8 seconds can "wake-up" with 100+ miles of range.

Plenty of Public Chargers

If you're concerned about running low on a charge while out running errands, you can relax; there are lots of public chargers available in the S•ELECTRIC service area, some totally free, some with modest fees, most with Level II 240V charging, enough to get you to your destination. You can find them with the Plugshare App.